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Imperfectly perfect

Originated from a hobby that became my passion.

I could express my love for interior and "cosiness" thanks to a potter's education.

100% handmade

From throwing - to baking - to glazing.

Each piece is handmade with the utmost care.

Hunger, imperfection & simplicity

Hungry for life. Hungry to laugh. Hungry for delicious food. Just hungry. Imperfection in sense of loose, free, sincere or raw.

I believe my creations are beautiful in all their simplicity. Without fuss, no hodgepodge.


Your own idea
For any moment, for any interior.

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Capsule Collection

We work according to the ‘Capsule Collection’ principle. Each piece is unique.

“A ‘capsule collection’ is a set of (apparel) items - say 6 to 12 articles - by the same designer, that, when used together in different combinations, can produce about 20 different looks (designs).”

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